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Being Creative

Amor de Carnaval


Bloco de Carnaval founded in 2016 as a result of a partnership with Fica Comigo band. It seeks to strengthen the previews of the Carnival of Belém with a high level musical program and an always surprising structure.


Renew the visual identity, creating a striking symbology - strengthening the sign through branded products and applications that strengthen the idea of love, already diffused in other editions - and seeking an even more engaging concept for future editions.


The symbol presents love - through the universal representation of the heart - added to the fire, which is passion and intensity. A strong and perennial symbol, which was widely explored on stage, in graphic pieces and in souvenirs of the block. The repercussion among the revelers was the best possible, as could be seen in the interactions on the networks, and in the engagement on the day of the party.

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