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Being Creative


who is it

The Açaí da Amazônia Group has been operating in the market for over 15 years. Palamaz was created in 2002 and Bellamazon has been operating since 2008, together enabling a safer and more sustainable production of açaí. Its factory is located in Marituba, State of Pará, Amazon, Brazil. The entire project, creation and production of the machinery used in the production of the açaí pulp and mix is developed by the company itself with the aim of constantly improving its production.


The challenge was to develop a redesign of the brand and its packaging with a focus on the international market, which would appeal to the external public and which would comply with all regulations so that Bellamazon's açaí could be exported.


We created a visual composition that told a story, created a meaningful scenario for the consumer, bringing to light concepts such as naturalness and respect for the forest, maintaining all the requirements for its success abroad.

The packaging seeks a connection with the origin of the açaí. Therefore, we add elements such as the importance of islands, nature and people belonging to the places where this fruit grows. A lighter, more cheerful and versatile look was added to it, thus transmitting the feeling of pleasure that consuming açaí gives people.

The illustration of the palm leaves reminds one of the freshness and tropical climate, and the açaí fruit has movement, reinforcing energy, disposition and vivacity. The simplified and pure illustration creates a more objective and clear look.

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