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Being Creative

De Sá

who is it

De Sá is a company composed of two archaeologist sisters, who have knowledge and direct access to unpublished materials in the public domain from archaeological sites - ceramics and rock art - which rescue with the collection of materials, transmitting knowledge in a more popular way. They work with artisanal products, mainly bio jewelry made from modeled and burned clay.


Redesign the brand, bringing improvements that favor readability, creation of textures and application in products.

Also, make a new packaging proposal that preserves the ecological values ​​of the brand, and that is also more efficient to protect and transport the products.


The serpent symbol - which is linked to indigenous graphics and findings from archaeological sites - already existed in the old logo, was modified and served as the basis for our creation. An earthy, more orange tone is applied to it to remind the ceramic of the products and convey the natural and manual aesthetics of the brand.


Some indigenous graphics were also added to complement the composition of the visual identity. With a rustic feel, the graphics refer to something more artisanal and manual. In contrast, to the typography that has a more serious, elegant and sophisticated aesthetic, used with the aim of generating balance between all the visual elements of the brand and also relating to the fashion and bio jewelry segment.

For the packaging, it was decided to change the old bag of bread for a model of a box made with recyclable materials to better support the jewelry and to maintain the sustainability present in the company, in addition to being applied to the new brand identity.

This project is part of Design for Biomes. We developed an image consultancy and redesign of brands and product packaging from various biomes for 24 businesses throughout Brazil! Our biggest dilemma was to seek to generate perceived value for each product through redesign in line with the history, concept and territory of each brand.

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