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Being Creative

Ekilibre Amazônia

who is it

A small company in Alter do Chão (PA) founded by Kairós Kanavarro that manufactures cosmetics and personal care products by hand from herbs, roots, fruits and fruits known for generations by the people of the forest. Its main suppliers are communities and cooperatives formed by settlers and indigenous people.

In a short time, it won over local consumers and Brazilian and foreign tourists visiting the "Amazon Caribbean. Most of the formulas were and continue to be created by Kairós himself, a self-taught man, who took technical courses in naturology in Belém, and has always been a great admirer and observer of traditional communities.


Redesigning Ekilibre's concept store in Alter do Chão, translating not only the tourists' desires, but also the entire experience and expression of the brand - which supports the magical experience of the Amazon rainforest and the potential of its biodiversity.

The project incorporated a new SPA space, in addition to a product testing area that presents an immersion in the brand's universe.


The work was carried out in partnership with Manoel "Kiko" Pacheco from ArteRP Cenografia , who worked with the necessary structures and demolitions in mind - in addition to participating in the creative process that involved visits to scrap metals to collect iron and trips to the forest to collect dry branches.

The result was an open store - and at the same time intimate - that manages to express sophistication in the right measure, through the combination of materials and lighting. The products had a much more valued and attractive display, in addition to the space adding more comfort and privacy for customers and employees.

The established concept is a pilot for the creation of new Ekilibre stores and kiosks - which, despite the very particular characteristics of the mined materials, manages to have a replicable construction logic.

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