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Product of the Meu Garoto family that combines regional fruits with the well-known and respected flavor of the traditional Cachaça with Jambu, a pioneer in the production of this delicacy from the Amazon and Pará.


Jambucy has been around for a few years, but it has always been a by-product of traditional cachaça, presented as its "weaker and flavored option". We decided to build an effective personality for Jambucy, one that would encourage people to try and collect flavors, displacing the classic attributes of the previous label and highlighting a new graphic concept.


We've created a new presentation that even suppresses the traditional moss green and features white as the main color. Each flavor has a chromatic identification that associates a minimalist design of the fruit with a bird from our region. The "Autêntica Meu Garoto" seal inaugurates this whole new series of products that begins with the well-known Jambucy, but promises many new flavors to please the brand's fan club.

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