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Being Creative


who is it

Artisanal cachaça with unparalleled aroma and flavor, from 1912 to the present day. Still following in the family's footsteps, Raimundo Primo Macedo invests in technological innovation, in a yeast selection process to guarantee an exclusive DNA to its Cachaças, while maintaining a high standard of quality.


Redesign the Jaualle cachaça brand, manufactured by this centenary family company in Bahia - with a focus on the international market. Partnership made possible by APEX-Brasil via the Design Export project - to which we are linked.


The best quality artisanal cachaça with which Libra worked the new brand concept, with a focus on transmitting the attributes that connect the cultural atmosphere of Bahia and Brazil - but embodying elements of a superior quality alcoholic product in the molds that the public already has. is used to. The work involved redesigning the brand, labels, bottles, gifts, among other elements, which carry elements of Bahian culture focused on spells and historical heritage.

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