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Being Creative

K. Life

who is it

A skin, hair and body care clinic that cares about showing the best version and the nature of each patient. It seeks to reveal self-esteem through treatments and humanized care that help reinforce beauty and confidence.


The old communication (visual, verbal and sensory) did not portray the essence of the work that is done in the clinic. Therefore, our challenge was to map how the company was perceived by the public and discover, through Strategic Consulting, which paths to take to bring out the values and meaning of the clinic's existence.


K. Life participated in the brand strategic consultancy Ludovia©, and from it we unfolded the brand's behavior, listing visual, verbal, sensory and interactive aspects.

From this, we did the work of naming and visual identity to attract an audience that is looking for procedures and treatments that reinforce their self-esteem, and that reflect the company's values by working in a humane way.

Still, we set up a series of strategies related to the brand's personality and its communicational aspects with the objective of standardizing its positioning in the different media where the brand is found.

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