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Being Creative


who is it

Restaurant/Café located on Rua Polo gastronomic de Belém, featuring fine cuisine and varied types of coffee, treated from the grain.


Thinking of a name and brand that presented a traditional concept without being traditionalist, a space that brings together regional flavors with recipes known around the world - in addition to emphasizing the house's darling, which is the private label coffee.


After an exhaustive naming process, we arrived at a concept that alludes to a holy name, which adds reliability and tradition - but with a not so clear reference - which allows the expression of a new personality to the space. We understand that the name of a company does not always need to be literal and this is capable of producing unique effects on customers, as well as facilitating communication. Typography is presented as a symbol, alluding to coffee smoke. SanTito quickly became the captive of local residents and professionals.

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