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Equipe completa no Lançamento da marca
Berna Magalhães com Yan Aquino, proprietário da Sofisio
Uniforme básico
Uniforme executivo



Physiotherapy space that focuses on true performance - serving the patient in an integrated way and seeking expressive results in rehabilitation or clinical evolution.


Redefining the company's visual identity so that it could express the real values defined for the brand, highlighting its humanized approach and the kindness present in all the clinic's care processes.


The symbol represents the human figure drawn by the acronym S and F, surrounded by shapes that refer to care. Still, the figure goes beyond the circles, demonstrating that patients need this stimulus to self-esteem and self-care, catalyzed by the brand. This project was presented to the team along with the strategic beacons, in order to ensure this perception not only visually - but also in terms of service and deployment at contact points.

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