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Managing your brand can be a playful and accessible process

After years of work experience understanding the pains and dilemmas of entrepreneurs about how they want and need to work their brands, we created the Ludovia© , a method that links strategy and co-creation, to build coherent definitions and according with dreams and challenges of each brand.

And how does Ludovia happen ?

They are 5 meetings with an average duration of 2h to 3h per meeting with the people involved in brand management . In some moments, the participation of employees, brand customers and other specific business stakeholders.

Know each step:



Where the personal vision of managers, directors and some employees and customers about the brand is mapped and planned , in order to understand the convergence of information and which points need to be worked on.



Stage responsible for validating the definitions of the previous stage (immersion) and where the people , inputs, tools and processes that would best help in this resolution are debated, to imagine, expand and implement the brand's results.




Considering market, differentiating opportunities and business characteristics, this step delivers insights to refine a personality platform for the brand, from a more horizontal vision and less focused on direct competitors.



From this stage, we take a lot of information to transform a brand's personality into a concept , using the necessary attributes and approaches.



Once the identity is identified, the concept delivers 4 points:

Meaning - what do we mean;

Cognition - what we want them to feel; Interpretations - what we want you to understand

and Sense - what we want to build.

Final result delivered

Brand Guide - Book with all the strategic definitions and brand personality.

Brand Workshop - Lecture with a team of collaborators and partners to present the brand, its positioning and its evidence.

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Phone: (91) 99227-0813

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