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who is it

The Wildflower Botanicals is a UK company focused on handmade, sustainable and natural products. The brand's pillars are sustainable materials (inputs and packaging) and the use of natural products without harmful impacts on nature.


Creation of a brand that facilitates the expansion of Wildflower's natural product lines. An identity that communicates the company's sustainability pillars, relating well-being, exclusivity and luxury. 


We seek to respect the essence of the brand, starting from the idea of keeping the initial W, but in a more organic and smooth way. We also seek a closeness with the image of leaves and with nature.

The symbol has lines that refer to the veins of the leaves, and thinner ends that add elegance to its composition. The logo is delicate but with a unisex character due to its more rectilinear structure. It is written in capital letters to strengthen the idea of quality, performance and know-how.